Nissan frontier tailgate handle replacement

How do you remove a tailgate from a Nissan Frontier?

step 1: Removing the Tailgate Handle (0:37)

  1. Lower the tailgate.
  2. Remove the two Phillips head screws from the bed liner.
  3. Pry the plastic rivets out of the tailgate.
  4. Pull off the bed liner.
  5. Pull off the tailgate handle plate.
  6. Unclip the latch rods from the tailgate handle.
  7. Remove the two 10mm nuts from the tailgate handle.

How much does it cost to fix a tailgate handle?

The cost of a replacement tailgate handle varies depending on your vehicle’s year, model, and make. Aftermarket parts generally cost anywhere between $30 and $1,300.

How do you open a stuck tailgate on a truck?

How to Open a Broken Tailgate

  1. Grab the tailgate latch handle and try pulling it to the open position. Feel for any dry movement or grit in the handle movement.
  2. Spray the lubricant into the handle mechanism. …
  3. Grab the screwdriver and move the side of the tailgate where it attaches to the truck side via the hinges. …
  4. Drop the tailgate down.

How do you fix a broken tailgate handle?

Place a new handle into the access hole on the back side of the tailgate. Make sure the front of the handle faces the outside of the tailgate and the mounting holes line up with the threaded fittings in the back side of the tailgate. Replace the holding screws and tighten with an adjustable wrench turned clockwise.

How do you change a tailgate handle?

step 2: Removing the Tail Gate Handle (1:19)

  1. Remove the 13mm bolt from the tailgate handle.
  2. Lift the tail gate.
  3. Pry off the tailgate handle bezel.
  4. Pry off the clip on the tailgate handle rod on both ends.
  5. Remove the rod from the tail gate on both ends.
  6. Remove the tailgate handle.
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How does a tailgate handle work?

A tailgate latch is made up of eight pieces. … The nuts for the handle are easily seen behind the rotating latch assembly. When the handle is lifted, it pushes down on the rotating latch that, in turn, pulls on the rods running to the outside panel latches.

How do you open a tonneau cover when tailgate won’t open?

Get a wooden or plastic back scratcher and squeeze it between the cover and tailgate to catch the cover’s release handle. Joe23 likes this.

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