2007 nissan quest timing problems

Does a 2007 Nissan Quest have a timing belt or chain?

The timing chain is mounted in a fixed position on the crank and camshaft gears. One of the worst things that can happen to your car is a timing chain failure while running. Failure can occur due to tensioner problems.

Nissan Quest Replacement Timing Chain Information.VehicleEngine2007 Nissan Quest3.5L V6

How do you diagnose a bad timing?

Check out these symptoms of a bad or failing timing belt

  1. Ticking noise coming from the engine. The timing belt is attached by way of a series of pulleys to the engine’s crank and cam shaft. …
  2. Engine won’t turn over. …
  3. Engine misfires. …
  4. Oil leaking from in front of the motor.

What does a bad timing chain sound like?

Under normal conditions, the engine should have a consistent, smooth sound that indicates everything is running as it should. However, when the timing chain is loose, it may cause a vibration inside the motor and will be indicated by a rattling noise as the engine idles.

How can I tell if my car jumped timing?

Checking for a Jumped Timing Chain

  1. Open the hood. …
  2. Listen for any abnormal engine noises, with the engine idling, in the vicinity of the timing chain cover. …
  3. Test-drive the vehicle and while slowly accelerating listen for any backfiring (popping) noises. …
  4. Park the car. …
  5. Locate the top of the timing chain cover.

How many miles can a Nissan Quest last?

The quest is now at 205k miles and the only things I’ve had to do to it was change the oil every 5-6k miles with synthetic blend and later high mileage castrol. Never had to tune up the motor at all, replace any belts, any of that, which is great considering how tight the engine bay is.

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Is 2007 Nissan Quest a good van?

Overall, the changes to the 2007 Nissan Quest are welcome. The more conservative approach to interior design is for the better, as are the new features. This is a good minivan, especially for those consumers desiring something with distinctive styling and a big interior.

Is it worth fixing a timing chain?

A timing chain runs inside the engine, as it needs to be lubricated by the engine oil. A timing belt typically needs to be replaced between 40,000 and 100,000 miles depending on the vehicle. It’s a few hundred dollar repair. A timing chain doesn’t need to be replaced unless there is a problem with it.

Can you tighten a timing chain?

Rotate the eccentric to tighten or loosen the timing chain. The timing chain should be loose enough to prevent binding and tight enough to keep from falling off. … When you think the chain is adjusted, tighten the eccentric and rotate the cranks to see if there is a tight spot.

What happens if ignition timing is too advanced?

If ignition timing is too far advanced, it will cause the fuel-and-air mixture to ignite too early in the combustion cycle. This can cause the amount of heat generated by the combustion process to increase and lead to overheating of the engine.

How much does it cost to fix timing chain?

Replacing the timing chain is a complicated job, and the labor costs can be quite high. For most cars, a timing chain replacement costs between $413 and $1040, or you can order the parts themselves for $88 and $245.

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When Should BMW timing chain be replaced?

BMW and MINI use Timing Chains in almost every model of engine that they produce.It is recommended to replace your timing chain before failure as repair prices can become very high from internal engine damage. From experience the life of these timing chains are 90,000 miles or 9 years.

Can I drive with a bad timing chain?

A broken timing chain will cause an engine to not start or fail while driving. If the belt is already broken, the engine won’t have enough compression to start. If it breaks or jumps while driving, the pistons will be damaged from contact with the valves. The valves themselves will bend and potentially ruin the engine.

What happens if cam timing is off?

The cam timing regulates the valves and pistons, and the whole process is controlled by the timing chain or belt. If the timing is off, damage can occur. … If your cam timing is off, chances are you’ll know because your car will not be running well, if it’s running at all.

Will a jumped timing chain cause low compression?

If the valve timing jumps, you’ll get little or no compression equally in all cylinders. … If air snakes its way through intake or exhaust manifolds when you check the cylinders, examine the offending cylinder(s) with a borescope for valve and piston damage. If you see any, the engine needs more than timing repairs.

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