What does a nissan juke look like

Is a Nissan Juke a good car?

The funky Nissan Juke is part subcompact, part SUV, and part sports car. It’s fun to drive with more practicality than most sports cars. But don’t expect as much interior space as a typical small SUV.

Are there any problems with the Nissan Juke?

Worst Complaints About the Nissan Juke

Juke owners are having the most trouble with the engine (28%), electrical (20%), and the transmission (16%). … Transmission Failure 6 complaints at an average of 75,170 miles in the 2013 Nissan Juke. Turbo Failure 4 complaints at an average of 90,709 miles in the 2011 Nissan Juke.

Why was the Nissan Juke discontinued?

According to Forbes, the car “proved to be too costly and eccentric-looking to maintain decent sales volume”, which has caused Nissan to decide to end production of the subcompact crossover. …

Is a juke a SUV?

The original Nissan Juke was an absolute trailblazer. Designed as an alternative to conventional small cars, such as the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo, its high-riding stance put a touch of SUV style and glamour within the grasp of the masses.

How many miles will a Nissan Juke last?

We fell short of our 20,000-mile goal, yet still learned plenty about the Nissan during its stay.

2011 Nissan Juke Long-Term Road Test.Total Body Repair Costs:NoneAverage Fuel Economy:22.4 mpgTrue Market Value at service end:$20,925 (private-party sale)Depreciation:$4,965 (or 19% of original MSRP)Final Odometer Reading:18,337 milesЕщё 12 строк

Is Nissan Juke a woman car?

The scarcity of male drivers makes perfect sense because the Nissan Juke was one of the top 10 cars purchased by women in 2011. In fact, according to an article by Edmunds, the Juke was number 9 of 10 cars purchased most often by women, with 52.7-percent of Juke drivers boasting the double-X chromosome.

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What is the best Nissan Juke to buy?

How to choose the best Nissan Juke for you

  • The smart choice for those on a budget – 1.6 94 Visia. …
  • The smart choice for value for money – 1.2 DIG-T 115 Acenta Premium. …
  • The smart choice for technophiles – 1.5 dCi 110 Tekna.

When did they stop making Nissan Juke?


What car is replacing the Nissan Juke?

The JUKE is no longer but you’ll continue to find everything that made the Nissan JUKE a crossover that defied expectations with the 2020 Nissan Kicks.

How fuel efficient is the Nissan Juke?

Nissan Juke review – MPG, CO2 and running costs

Emissions and fuel economy are largely dictated by gearbox type and wheel size; Nissan quotes 45.6–47.9mpg for the manual and 44.1–46.3mpg for the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, while CO2 ranges from 110 to 118g/km, with the automatic the marginally cleaner option.

Does the Nissan Juke have a Renault engine?

Nissan Juke is a super compact SUV, produced since 2010. … For turbocharged Juke 1.6-liter MR16DDT is used. There is also diesel Nissan Juke, equipped with Renault K9K engine. And limited edition unique Juke-R has Nissan GTR engine.

Is a Nissan Juke a family car?

Nissan Juke interior space & storage

How much space there is inside the car is important to buyers with families. Sitting in the back of the previous Juke was always rather cramped and claustrophobic, which is off-putting if you know you’ll regularly have people occupying the rear seats.

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