What year is my nissan forklift

What year is my forklift?

Since 1995, the last character (letter) of a Hyster or Yale forklift serial number designates the year of manufacture. The letters “I,” “O,” and “Q” are not used since they are easily misread.

How do I find out what year my Caterpillar Forklift is?

How to Find the Year of Caterpillar Equipment

  1. Find the product identification number. The engine’s serial number plate is usually found on the right rear side of the left cylinder block. …
  2. Write down the PIN. It will be clearly marked on the plate.
  3. Call your local Caterpillar equipment dealer and ask them to date the product by the PIN.

Where is the serial number on a Nissan Forklift?

Other places where you can look for the nameplate are: around the driver’s seat, behind the front wheels, near the battery, by the transmission, all depending on the model of your forklift.

How do I identify my Clark forklift?

The CLARK serial number is stamped into the serial number plate, which is usually located in the operator’s compartment on the hood or the instrument panel. If the serial number plate is missing or illegible, you can find the serial number stamped into the frame.

What engine is in a Hyster forklift?

2.4L engine

What motor is in a Yale forklift?

Yale offers the GM 2.4 as well in models like GLC050VX or GLP50VX though most Yale dealers have a preference: the Mazda FE forklift engine. Yale has used Mazda forklift engines for years and most Yale service personnel will tell you they think it’s a tough, durable engine.

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How do you read a Caterpillar serial number?

Your Caterpillar Serial Number (SN) is an 8 character alphanumeric code, typically starting with 3 letters and ending with 5 numbers. In early 2000 Caterpillar changed to a 17 character Product Identification Number (PIN) that conforms to the construction equipment industry standard.

How old is Caterpillar?

The caterpillar can grow hundreds or even thousands of times it’s size in just a few weeks, which makes it easy to tell if the caterpillar is young or old. If it’s very young, it will be very small. If it’s very old, it will be bigger. Monarch caterpillars have antenna-like projections which grow as they age.

What do the numbers mean on Caterpillar equipment?

3 stands for excavator (product type), 20 stands for 20ton (tonnage), D represents D series, D is newer machine compare with B,C. If L is after series letter, example CAT320DL, L stands for long truck excavator. Product.

What engine is in a Clark forklift?

The innovative FORD 2.5L LPG 4-cylinder engine is now available for installation across CLARK’s C20C/C32C and C20/C35 product lines. What this means for you is a smooth-running balanced engine, variable valve timing, sequential multiport LP fuel injection and extended maintenance intervals up to 500 hours.

Do forklifts have VIN numbers?

Serial numbers are critical for ordering the correct parts for forklifts. … In many cases, a Toyota forklift’s serial number can be found physically stamped somewhere on its frame. Below is a table of many different models of Toyota forklifts and a set of reference figures.

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