2001 nissan pathfinder thermostat location

How many thermostats does a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder have?

two thermostats

Where is the engine thermostat located?

In most cars the thermostat is placed under a housing near the water pump on the cylinder head ; the housing is connected directly to the top radiator hose . In a few cars the thermostat is housed near the bottom hose. Test the thermostat quickly by starting the engine from cold.

Which direction should a thermostat be installed?

Ideal Thermostat Placement

The best place for your thermostat is on an interior wall, away from all the areas we previously discussed (direct sunlight, air vents, your kitchen, hallways, windows and doors). Ideally, it should be placed toward the center of your home.

What causes Nissan Pathfinder overheating?

What are common reasons my Nissan Pathfinder overheats? While there are a variety of reasons your Nissan Pathfinder is overheating, the most common 3 are a coolant leak (water pump, radiator, hose etc.), the radiator fan, or a failed thermostat.

What are signs of a bad thermostat?

There are several common symptoms associated with a bad or failing thermostat that will alert you that service is due.

  • Temperature gauge reading very high and engine overheating. …
  • Temperature changing erratically. …
  • Coolant leaks around the thermostat housing or under the vehicle.

Can you unstick a car thermostat?

Grab the top radiator hose and squeeze it when it’s under zero pressure to get a feel of what that’s like. Replace the radiator cap, rev the engine to about 3000 RPM (this does not have to be exact, you just want to spool up the engine a bit here), then squeeze the radiator hose again.

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Will an engine run cooler without a thermostat?

It’s purpose is to keep the engine at the proper operating temperature. When the engine gets too hot, the thermostat opens up and lets the engine coolant flow through the radiator, where it cools off. … If the computer thinks the engine is cold–and it WILL be cold without a thermostat–it’ll richen the fuel mixture.

What happens if you put a thermostat in upside down?

Re: Thermostat upside down? These are “reverse poppet”, meaning the valve moves against the direction of water flow. So if you put it in backwards, the water pump flow will push open the thermostat and cause it to take MUCH longer to heat up.

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